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About Our Team

Host and Adventure Travel Connoiseur  

Hi, I'm Brooke! I am the founder of Authentica Travel and Dive Coordinating. By training I am a scientist and oceanographer. I owe my love of travel and authentic experiences to my innate curiosity and hunger for knowledge, which I have cultivated through years of studying the natural world through the lense of science. 

My love of the ocean is also what brought me to this venture of  traveling and building one-of-a-kind trips. As an oceanographer, I have been trained to view life with a global perspective. The ocean has a way of connecting us all (literally and figuratively), and it somehow makes the earth seem very big, and very accessible all at once. 

My love for the ocean and the natural world has influenced my travels significantly. At Authentica, we prioritize sustainable ecotourism, and local venders to benefit the local economy. I try to travel through destinations humbly, with the purpose of finding an authentic experience that disrupts others and our natural world as little as possible. 

In addition to my work as an adventure travel coordinator, I help outfit people with gear for their outdoor adventures. From boots, to baselayers, to backpacks and everything in between--I am obsessed with helping you be prepared for your big adventures. 

I hope that through my own travel experience and my (possibly unhealthy) obsession with details, lists, and organization, that I can help you travel authentically and experience bigger adventures than you ever thought possible.  This is our planet earth. Our home. We should explore it with purpose. 


Host and Outdoor Enthusiast

I have been fascinated with the natural world ever since spending my childhood exploring the woods behind my house. I was extremely lucky to have parents that prioritized time outside and took my siblings and I camping and backpacking in nearby parks as often as possible. As I moved through school, I was drawn to classes and experiences that let me explore questions about wildlife interactions, native habitats and the human connection to the environment. My professional aspirations and personal goals go hand in hand: to explore the outdoors and provide care and protection for the environment, while also nurturing myself and those around me. 


I strive to find everyday connection to nature and believe that every person should have equitable access to the outdoors, as well as the resources to learn about and engage with their surrounding ecosystems. My innate curiosity drives me to learn more about people and cultures different from my own and has led me to unique experiences both in my backyard and across the world. My proudest accomplishments continue to be the genuine relationships that I make with people along my path and I am confident that by building these lasting connections we make the world a kinder place. 


To me, traveling authentically means with intention, humility, compassion and curiosity. I encourage you to challenge yourself: learn to embrace the uncomfortable, be awkward, discover new things and build friendships. I am beyond excited to join Authentica Travel and Dive as a host and am looking forward to meeting you on our next adventure! 

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