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March 2024

Belize is the unsung hero of scuba diving in the MesoAmerican reef system. Many travelers fly right over it to go to Roatan or stop just short of it for Cozumel...but we encourage you, don't sleep on Belize! The pristine reefs, which are highly protected in the country, boast wildlife and scuba views that will have you gasping into your regulator. With iconic sites like the Blue Hole and Aquarium reef, plus so much more, we know you'll love diving in Belize! 


The Diving

Our accommodations on Turneffe Atoll keep us close to all the action. We were just a short boat ride from over 35 dive sites in the Turneffe Marine Preserve. We enjoyed three dives a day for the week and one night dive during our stay. 

Noteably, we saw spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, sharks, large crabs, moray eels, and and abundance of reef fishes. 

The Accommodations

We selected a family owned and operated dive and fishing resort tucked away on the beautiful Turneffe Atoll. The staff was incredible and we found ourselves catered to hand and foot. 

We loved this location because it is ranked as a top Green Globe certified location which means it is actually a sustainable and eco-friendly accommodation. As divers, this is so important to us. We want our marine ecosystems to be cared for and healthy for many generations to come. And we love to make choices that reflect that. Our accommodations use treated rainwater as their freshwater on site, it is fueled by solar panels, and single use plastics were things I never caught even a tiny glimpse of. We felt good about our choice to support a small business that is putting action behind their eco-conscious rhetoric. 


Why Traveling with Authentica Matters

There are hundreds of dive operations in Belize. Not all of which have conservation at the heart of their business. Our dive resort is officially credited as one of the most sustainable resorts and dive operations in the world. It's "down home" feel makes for quaint and cozy island accommodations. 

It is our top priority to protect where we play. We carefully vet our vendors to ensure that we are leaving locations better than we found them. Tourism can be a powerful force for good in the world, but it has to be done with intention. Authentica has that intention. 

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