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Cenotes Adventures
March 2023 and February 2024

Diver's go to Mexico all the time. There's a dive resort every 100 ft it seems in the Yucatan, so what makes this trip so unique? 


The Diving

Many tour operators will take you to the world famous Dos Ojos cenote, which is fantastic in it's own right. But our trip takes you to Dos Ojos as well as eight other cenotes in the region which are all incredibly unique and other worldly. Experience the FULL cenotes experience with our hand picked local guide who is a cave/cavern diver and cenote expert. 

Enjoy the camaraderie that comes with traveling and diving with a group of only 8 divers. We always walk away from the trip with lasting friendships!


Accommodations for this trip are in a large private home only a few blocks from Tulum city center. Have a spacious room and bathroom all to yourself, while also enjoying the many shared lounge areas and THREE different pools inside the house.


Staying in more unique accommodations like this allows you to more authentically experience the life and culture of Tulum. Our group frequently went out shopping together and went for ice cream pit stops after dinner each night. 


The Extras

This trip is packed full of extras that make this an experience like no other. 

In addition to our expert dive guide, the fully immersive cenotes tour, and our unique and amazing accommodations--we have a professional underwater photographer who dives with us one day (two days upon request) and snaps that most amazing photos of your experience in the cenotes. 

Our guests often rave that the photos are the only souvenir that they need from this trip! It's not often that divers get to see their underwater experience through the lens and perspective of a professional. 

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