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December 2022 and April 2023

Every time we go to Peru we are reminded of why it is considered one of the most beautiful countries on earth; The giant Andes mountains towering around us, the rich culture of the country, and of course, the archeological sites that speak of a past that can't be forgotten.


The Hiking

Peru is a hiker's paradise. The Andes are one of the tallest mountain ranges on earth and there is something for all hiking levels there. From short day hikes around Cusco, to the iconic Inca Trail, to the more remote Salkantay Trek and so much more! 

Our guests love every hiking adventure in Peru. We hike with porters who help alleviate the stress and logistics of food and equipment for our hiking journeys. We also bring a local Peruvian chef along with us so that even while on the trail we get to enjoy fresh, hot, locally sourced meals. 

Come with us next time and hike the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes!

The Sites

Peru is most famous for the archeological sites, Machu Picchu. And for good reason! We make sure to see it every time we go to Peru. What we think you'll be surprised by is the enormous amount of other archeological sites in the region that are largely unknown to many travelers. Enjoy these sites and more when you travel with Authentica!

Machu Pichu

Why Traveling with Authentica Matters

In countries like Peru, where tourism is King, it's very difficult to know if the local population is being exploited, underserved, or taken advantage of. Authentica goes the extra mile to ensure that our mountain guides and porters are paid fairly and equitably, that you won't be taking advantage of marginalize people groups with your tourist dollar, and that you'll be traveling with intention. 

We believe it is our highest calling to serve the communities of the countries that we visit--and Peru is no exception. 

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