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Mt. Kilimanjaro and Safari Adventures 
December 2023

Our trip to climb Africa’s tallest peak was a smashing success! Our group of 10 enjoyed a tough adventure challenge and mountain summit, beautiful safaris, and comforting accommodations. The wildlife, adventure, culture and hospitality of Tanzania is unparalleled!


The Climb

We climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest peak, via the 6-day Marangu Route. This afforded us accommodations in mountain huts, which were very simple and primitive, but felt nice after a long, challenging days of hiking. 

Our group was very successful on the mountain, and while altitude did cause us some issues, we were cautious and resilient. 

This trip is an advanced adventure challenge as the elevation is extreme and the summit experience is rigorous uphill hiking for many hours. 



Tanzania is well know for having some of the best wildlife viewing in all of Africa. 

We explored the Ngorogoro Crater and the Tarangire National Park where we spotted giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, hippos, and everything in between! Our guides were generous and knowledgable about the wildlife and local ecosystems, constantly pointing out animals and sharing details about what we were seeing. 

We truly had a blast viewing the wildlife, but also just being out in nature and experiencing the country from a different perspective. 


Heather D.

The trip was incredible! It was so amazing to have every aspect pre planned by someone else-just showing up ready to enjoy the ride rather than worry about little details was so nice. Stress free! I loved the accommodations, the trekking company, the food, everything exceeded my expectations and I always felt safe and secure. 

Taylor M.

Most amazing experience of my entire life. I brag about your company to everyone I know and make sure I send everyone your information when they show any interest in our trip. Everything was so smooth and went off without a hitch.

Daniel B.

Easily the hardest yet best experience of my life! From the professional guides to Brookes inventive and encouraging advice I felt empowered to accomplish this goal. 

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